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Building Blocks

Building Science Services

Reserve Fund Studies

Under the Ontario Condominium act each condominium building needs to get a reserve funds study conducted at the time of construction and every three years after that. Reserve Funds study gives a very clear idea of the buildings current condition and the future maintenance requirements.


Building Condition Assessments 

Building conditions assessment is done mainly for renewal purposes, risk management, for asset management purposes or as a result of concern for occupants’ health and safety or to maximize the life of buildings systems.


A Building Conditions Assessment performed by Martech Group includes an inspection of the building envelope, electrical and mechanical systems and fire and exterior site features. This is followed by a review of the maintenance history and drawings of the building and discussion with the onsite staff regarding the repairs conducted on the building. This is followed by a comprehensive report which consists of recommendations for repairs and the estimated costs. 


A Building Condition Assessment conducted by Martech Group will aid in extending the life of your building whilst reducing repair and maintenance costs.

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