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Who We Are

What Makes Us Different

Martech Group Inc. was established in 2006 by Mr. Marwan Essa, P.Eng, GSC, EP as an engineering (consultancy) firm serving customers in the Canadian market. Over the years Martech Group has expanded into a multidisciplinary firm offering a wide spectrum of services in environmental sciences, industrial hygiene, building sciences and engineering. At Martech we are committed to delivering quality services by implementing the highest possible industry standards.

At Martech we are strong believers in the client first policy and strive continuously strive to satisfy our clients every need. We believe in continuous training expanded knowledge, higher education and extensive hands-on experience; all of which are fused and implemented in our daily operations.

Driven by the concept of client partnership, and believing that the relationship with our clients is a continuous partnership, we invest time in listening and understanding our client’s needs and challenges.

We recognize that given our complex field of work it is extremely important to be responsive, creative and constantly up to date with rapidly changing trends, regulations and data. We understand that our customers are focused on successfully managing their own businesses and count on us for reliable, cost-efficient and effective guidance and service in the business we know best.

Meet The Team


Marwan Essa P.Eng

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Melody Hon B.Sc(Hons)

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Project Manager

Environmental Scientist


Mohit Chopra M.Sc

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Environmental Scientist


Albin Christudaas

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Architectural Technician


Anjali Kabrawala

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Office Manager

Mission Statement

Core Values

1. Our clients
We are committed to providing all our clients with outstanding service. We manage to achieve this by combining our experience, ingenuity and technical expertise to meet our clients expectations. In the past this approach has enabled us to build long term relationships with our clients.

2. Our Employees
We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy working environment defined by trust and mutual respect since relationships within the company affect all external relationships. We realize the immense importance of team work and that it enables us to do our job in a more effective way.

3. Safety
We recognize that the responsibility for health, safety and the environment are shared. All employees are equally responsible for minimizing accidents within our facility and on our work sites. Safe work practices and job procedures are clearly defined in the company’s Health and Safety Program Manual for all employees to implement.

4. Trust, Honesty and Integrity
All our external and internal operations are based on a foundation of trust, honesty and integrity. We carry out our business operations with transparency and honesty and are willing to accept responsibility for all our actions in our business dealings with our clients, partners, suppliers and employees. 

At Martech Group our clients’ needs are our first and foremost priority. Our team of dedicated professionals strive to meet our clients’ needs and challenges in a timely and cost effective manner by offering innovative solutions and a customized plan tailor-made for each client.

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